Behind the Scenes with Intent Unknown: Getting to Know the Talented Cast

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Behind the Scenes with Intent Unknown: Getting to Know the Talented Cast

YOUTHFUL AMBITION YA  and TNG FILMS In Post Following Filming in Fort Madison of Psychological Thriller, “INTENT UNKNOWN

Making its way to audiences Summer of 2023

Director, Terence Gordon of TNG Films and Creator of Youthful Ambition YA, recently wrapped on a psychological thriller in Fort Madison, that will be sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats. While they brought in seasoned actors, Eric Roberts and Julianne Michelle, they were sure to add some newcomers as well.  It’s always been Terence’s mission under the Youthful Ambition YA Brand and Series, to provide opportunities to new talent. The “Intent Unknown” cast also includes Fort Madison locals, Ricky Bartlett (Harold), Lucy Deacon (Harper), Breanna Porter (Luna), Cameron Muston (Chase) and Analysa Jackson (Amelia).


Ricky Barlett, actor and double amputee, has already begun to acquire credits to his name. His most notable work to date is his time on Chicago PD. “Intent Unknown” now has Ricky in the role of Harold, an unstable, crazy, lonely man on a mission to exact revenge. His high geared performance along with his strong southern accent only serves to add to the already psychotic elements of his character. 

During pre-production, Ricky asked why he was chosen for the part of Harold. Executive Producer / Writer, Beth Deacon, responded, “because you honestly look scary!” At first Ricky thought it was because he is a double amputee, but Beth affirms that is not the reason he landed the role, although it certainly didn’t hurt his odds. Beth actually came across his photo while searching the  Produce Iowa Media Production Directory. She took one look at his face and thought he looked crazy. Beth immediately sent his photo to Terence Gordon who after he conducted some research of his own, knew he would be great for the part.

Lucy Deacon who plays Harper in the film is Beth’s daughter. Lucy’s only acting experience to date, includes a role in a college production of one of Shakespeare’s works; she is also a model for the Happy Mood Swagger brand out of the UK. The role of Harper was perfect for Lucy as she shares many of the same qualities as her character in real life. Lucy gave a superior performance and was great with not only knowing her lines but everyone else’s.  Her subtle moves made her a natural and her performance was quite believable. It doesn’t hurt that the camera loves her as well. As an intelligent, confident, and well spoken person, Lucy really brought a presence to the set. You will definitely see her in many films to come.

Newcomer, Breanna Porter, who plays Luna, had her a-game on during filming. Luna was actually discovered when Terence was location scouting in Iowa for an upcoming photo shoot with Lucy. While in Fort Madison along Main Street, he liked the aesthetics of a quaint  bar called Corks and Barrels; he decided to go in and ask the bartender if he could photograph Lucy there. It turns out the bartender was Breanna whose welcoming demeanor, confidence and upbeat personality was something Terence couldn’t get out of his head. Terence wondered, “Could she be Luna? The Luna he had envisioned had many of the same characteristics as Breanna. He asked Beth to come to the bar to meet Breanna and Beth immediately understood why Terence felt she would be perfect. Although Breanna had never acted before, she expressed that it was something she wanted to do with her life. That’s all Terence and Beth needed to hear; the rest is history.

Beth said, “Sometimes we meet people in this world for a reason. I believe meeting Breanna was a blessing, and am sure when she’s seen in the movie, doors will open for her. She worked very hard, followed direction, and maintained a positive attitude on set.”

There’s no doubt Cameron Muston is a dramatic actor.  He can cry, yell, or exhibit fear at an instant. Cameron is one of Beth’s former students. She has enjoyed watching Cameron act and sing in school performances. Beth felt “Intent Unknown” would be a great opportunity for Cameron to hone his skills and transition from stage to film. 

Analysa Jackson has been acting in theatrical plays for the past couple years. As a matter of fact, she was in the same Shakesperian play as Lucy and Cameron.  Terence was impressed with her performance. He felt Analysa would be a great addition to the cast as Amelia, Chase’s overly dramatic girlfriend.   

Anita Sayago has been working as a producer with Terence Gordon for close to 10 years. She is currently a producer on this project and is happy to lend her marketing and writing skills where needed. 

Other collaborators such as Deus Beni, who has been a longtime time friend and was the cinematographer on Intent Unknown. Deus Beni has worked with Terence for a number of years on music videos, commercials, and feature films. 


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