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It’s no secret that the film industry is highly competitive, with thousands of aspiring actors vying for limited roles. As a result,  many roles in films go to established actors with recognizable names, leaving fewer opportunities for unknown actors.  Many roles are filled through referrals, auditions, and casting calls, making it challenging for unknown actors to get noticed without connections within the industry. Throw in current day influencers and the line to opportunity can be miles long. It’s easier for productions to cast actors with proven track records than give an unknown a chance. They want actors with a solid...

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This post discusses the importance of disabled representation in the film industry and celebrates the progress that has been made in recent years. It highlights the need to break stereotypes and provide disabled actors with authentic and complex roles. The post mentions Ricky Bartlett, a double amputee actor, as an example of a trailblazer who has excelled in the industry. It emphasizes the power of authentic representation in challenging societal biases and promoting inclusivity. While progress has been made, the post acknowledges the need for more opportunities for disabled actors and recognizes production companies like TNG Films for prioritizing talent and diversity. The challenges faced by disabled actors are discussed, but their determination and achievements are seen as inspiring. The post concludes by emphasizing the lasting impact of disabled representation in film and the responsibilities of filmmakers and audiences in promoting inclusivity and supporting diverse productions.

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In June of 2021, I traveled to the midwest, just as I have done many times over the months researching for a film project based upon the book 7 Doors In, written by Beth Rondeau. The book chronicles Beth's journey teaching behind prison walls of a maximum-security prison, and what she was able to accomplish among the offenders in the three years she was there. The project is in the script development stage, and I’m slated to direct the film under a production company to be announced later in the film via the trade magazines. However, that was not the only project I had while in the...

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