Breaking New Faces

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Breaking New Faces

It’s no secret that the film industry is highly competitive, with thousands of aspiring actors vying for limited roles. As a result,  many roles in films go to established actors with recognizable names, leaving fewer opportunities for unknown actors.  Many roles are filled through referrals, auditions, and casting calls, making it challenging for unknown actors to get noticed without connections within the industry. Throw in current day influencers and the line to opportunity can be miles long. It’s easier for productions to cast actors with proven track records than give an unknown a chance. They want actors with a solid foundation in acting techniques, on-set etiquette, and a clear understanding of industry standards in order to minimize financial risk. The ability to attract built in audiences with a bigger name is clearly not lost on them.

In addition to talent and training, marketability plays a significant role in breaking into film. Producers and casting directors may prioritize actors who fit specific demographics, have unique looks, or possess skills that align with the demands of the role. It goes without saying that breaking into film requires a great deal of persistence, resilience, and determination. Rejection is common in the industry, and many successful actors face numerous setbacks before achieving their breakthrough roles. The goal here is not to dissuade the novice actor from pursuing the dream, but to educate about the realities that exist in the industry. 

Despite these challenges, it's not impossible for unknown actors to break into film. Filmmaker Terence Gordon of TNG Films  understands the roadblocks that exist, but does not let it stop him from depositing his time and money into projects that create opportunities for the novice actor. Terence, along with his team, takes it a step further and casts these actors alongside seasoned ones so they can observe their techniques, professionalism and work ethic firsthand. His colleagues, including writer’s and producer’s, Beth Rondeau Deacon and Anita Sayago, believe these seasoned actors can serve as mentors to the others, offering guidance, advice, and support both on and off set. This mentorship alongside the guidance of Terence and his team, can help further  nurture the talent of these actors and provide them with valuable insights into the industry. At the end of the day, the desire to mentor and provide opportunity to new faces and talent is at the team’s core. However, one thing is for certain, these actors must deposit much of their time and attention to the development of the craft if their goal is for the long haul.

Most recently Terence and Beth did exactly this with a recent film they co-wrote and co-executive produced titled “Intent Unknown.” This psychological thriller revolves around four ambitious psychology students who embark on a risky experiment to unravel the mysteries of human behavior. Harper played by Lucy Deacon, chooses  her secluded home on the bluff as the perfect location; she and her classmates Luna (Breanna Porter), Chase (Cameron Muston), and Amelia (Analysa Jackson) invite Harold (Ricky Bartlett) a stranger to participate. These actors are bound by a common thread which was a desire to act but little to no  practical experience. 

Terence and Beth wanted to give these actors an opportunity to be part of an independent film, where they could learn and grow. They took it a step further when they cast renowned actor, Eric Roberts as featured cast member and Julianne Michelle. Not only were these actors gaining invaluable practical knowledge on set with Terence and now Eric, but it stood to reason that a cast included both novice and seasoned actors would create a well balanced ensemble. Each actor would bring their own strengths and weaknesses to the table, resulting in a richer tapestry of performances that would resonate with a wider audience.

The beauty of a production of this nature is that these novice actors begin to hone their acting skills, create a portfolio, build relationships, and above all else, seize an opportunity that is available to few. However, the time spent on set is just the beginning of the journey and it’s what these actors do afterwards that will earn them a place in the industry. They must seize the  opportunity for exposure,  leverage online platforms, attend industry events, work diligently on their craft every day, and participate in independent film projects to help them gain continued visibility and credibility in the industry.

At the end of the day, fostering  a supportive community where talent is nurtured and celebrated regardless of experience level promotes inclusivity. It’s through a culture of growth, collaboration, and mutual respect that enriches the creative process, builds valuable relationships, and contributes to a thriving and inclusive entertainment community. Kudos to Terence and his team for doing just that!

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By Producer Anita Sayago

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